\ CG generalist \ Vladimir Sitnik

E-mail: cgsitnikvladimir@gmail.com
Nationality: Romanian Moldova
Date of birth: 17 September 1986
Driving licence: category B
Spoken Languages: Romanian, Russian,  English


\ Skills set \

– Photo-real lighting and rendered elements
– Working knowledge of multi-pass rendering, lighting
– Working knowledge of Nuke
– Working knowledge of AffterFX
– Strong knowledge of Vray
– Experience with GPU rendering
– Gaming experince lowpoly modeling
– Strong knowledge modeling Environments low/hi poly
– Strong knowledge modeling Hard body low/hi poly
– Baking tools From hi-low poly geometry.
– Experince in 360 GPU Environment.
– Working knowledge of Realflow
– Working knowledge of FumeFX


\ Work Expirience \

Music channel “Muz-tv Chisinau” , Moldova
Motion designer

Internet television “TVClick” Moscow, Russia
Motion designer

TV Channel “TV Center” Moscow, Russia
Motion designer, Postproduction

“Leader production” Moscow, Russia  TEFI award for the Documentary film “Concentration camps”
3D Artist

Night club “Premier Lounge”
3D Artist, VJ

“Gameloft” Hungary, Budapest
Senior 3D Artist

“Juice” Poland, Wroclau 
3D Environment Artist (3D Environments)

“Wolkswagen AG”, “Cgidea GmbH” Wolfsburg, Germany
Senior 3D Artist (Car Configurator realtime VR Environments )

“Konzept Haus Design GmbH”,  Munchen, Germany
Senior 3D Realtime VR Visualization Artist ( Realtime visualization / Visualization)

\ Software list \

Autodesk 3dsMax, Chaos Vray, Foundry Nuke, Foundry Mari, Substance Designer,  ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Rhinoceros 3D.